Series: Sermon on the Mount (1-17)

Scripture: Matthew 5:1 – 7:29

Preacher: Enoch Liao


1: Disciples, or Just One of the Crowd?

2: Jesus and Our Anger-Damaged Relationships

3: The Look That Kills (Steven Chin)

4: The Faithful Spouse

5: Swearing Off Oaths

6: An I for an Eye

7: The Secret to Giving

8: How Not to Pray

9: How to Pray

10: How Hungry Are You? (Philip Chew)

11: Missions and the Treasure of God

12: You Are Your Father’s Child (Philip Chew)

13: Is It Wrong to Say Someone’s Wrong?

14: Ask, Seek, Knock

15: Due Unto Others

16: Beware of Wolves (Philip Chew)

17: Build Here