Me, my wife, and my three sons… and my favorite couch.

I am a husband, father, pastor, technology geek, and writer based in Boston, MA. I am a pastor at Boston Chinese Evangelical Church. I preach most Sundays at our Chinatown campus, and sometimes at our Newton campus.

This is my personal blog where I focus on “practical thoughts and thoughtful practices.” I hope this blog will serve you through providing helpful content — both written and spoken– about life and ministry.

I primarily write about leadership, preaching, productivity, and anything else related to life and ministry (which can include almost everything). I also write on issues surrounding Chinese American or Asian American ministries.

Preaching & Actual Sermons

On the topic of preaching, you can also find my sermons from various venues I’ve preached over the years. You can listen or download sermons, all free of charge. (Not that they’re worth paying for anyway…)

Nowadays, you can find my more recent sermons online at my church’s website.

“How Often Do You Post?”

These days, I do not post very often. 🙂

When I blog enough to know which are my top posts, I’ll include them here. But according to friends and church members, my most popular sermon series include these:

  • Beyond the Shadow of Doubt
  • Lessons Learned
  • Success Story
  • Three In One (messages on the Trinity)

“Who Are You?” (the Stalker Version)

I was raised in LA where I attended UCLA. While in college I met Karen, my future wife. We have three sons, all attending public schools in our great city of Medford.

We moved to the Boston area in 2001 because I joined the staff at my current church.

I love reading, efficiency, creativity, innovation, tradition, and logic. My hobbies include reading, being efficient, being creative… er, playing video games, learning Krav Maga, and spending time with my family.

Chinese (Asian) American Ministry

I also write about issues in Chinese American Ministry. I consider myself Chinese American and Asian American, and also Christian. I say I blog about Chinese American Ministry because “Asian American” conveys more than what my experience may encompass. Even so, I have many friends and conversations involved in broader Asian American ministries. And perhaps what I write about here relates to those of other Asian American backgrounds (like Korean American, Vietnamese American, etc.)

For example, I’ve written some e-books on worship leadership geared towards Chinese American congregations. The principles I share apply universally, but the examples I offer target the typical Chinese American congregation characteristics. This is based upon my limited experience and not any research. At the risk of stereotyping, these characteristics include some of the following:

  • Chinese Americans tend to be less expressive than typical western culture, as well as other cultures like Korean or Vietnamese Americans
  • Chinese Americans tend to more shame-based and less outwardly critical (but inwardly can be very critical)
  • Chinese Americans tend to have less “cultural resilience” than other Asian American cultures. That is, they blend more easily into the stereotypical white, suburban, western, middle-class culture.
If these observations interest or offend you, then please engage with me and our online community in the blog and comments.


How Can I Contact You?

You can contact me via e-mail, or following me on Twitter or Facebook. You can also reach me through my church.

Can I Sue You? (the Disclaimer)

This is my personal blog. I express my own opinions which do not necessarily represent those of my church or any other organization I may serve. I make no guarantees to the accuracy, completeness, currentness (if that’s even a word), or biblical accuracy of any information on this blog. I will not be liable for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information or any losses, injuries, or damages arising from its use (including the grammatical error in the previous sentence).