Would you like to develop a good habit of regular Bible reading in 2013? Maybe you do, and maybe you even made a new year’s resolution for just that. I’ve made such resolutions in the past. I’ve tried and frankly, I’ve usually not kept those resolutions.But I’ve also learned from those lessons as both a Christian and a pastor. And so I’d like to offer you 5 Steps to Reading Your Bible More in 2013.

Step One: Use a Daily Bible Devotional

One publication that many find helpful is called “Our Daily Bread” or ODB for short. You can access Our Daily Bread in many formats and ways:

  • Reading the printed copy, available at BCEC Welcome Table
  • Read or listen online.
  • You can also get the apps or save the webpages on your smartphone

Step Two: Get an Accountability Partner

It helps to know someone else wants to grow in Bible and devotional reading like you do. And many of us already have standing appointments with friends to catch up. Why not ask your friend to ask you regularly if you are reading your Bible?

Step Three: Make a Do-Able Plan

Jesus pointed out that we first need to be faithful in little things before we move on to big things. In terms of Bible reading, I think it’s helpful to set a plan that is doable, even if it appears to modest.

How many people have resolved to read the Bible for an entire year? Out of those, I wonder how many kept that resolution. Perhaps some did, but I’d guess most did not.

So I’d recommend starting with a shorter time frame. How about setting a goal to read the Bible every day for 21 days?

Step Four: Make Your Plan Public

There’s something about letting people know you’ve set a goal to be more consistent in Bible reading. It makes you sense a greater level of accountability. And when you hear others are making similar goals, it can encourage you when you need it.

So why not use social media to tell your friends that you’re planning to read the Bible everyday for 21 days. Evaluate your progress after the 21 days. And consider setting another goal after that.

Step Five: Join a Movement

At BCEC, the English-speaking congregations are holding a mini-campaign to read the Bible and a devotional booklet everyday for 21 days. We call this campaign “Plant by the Stream.” This draws from the images in Scripture about how we are like trees rooted deeply in refreshing streams when we read the Bible regularly.

And our campaign builds in finding an accountability partner. You’ll be journeying on this along with hundreds of in our church, as well as our pastoral staff.

So if you’re a regular part of BCEC, I encourage you to join us as we begin “Plant by the Stream” on January 21, 2013. If you’re not, we’d love for you to join us as well!

You can find more information here.

Continue the discussion: What have you tried and learned about starting Bible reading habits?